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Tray Baked Flapjack Line

This turnkey project, designed, manufactured and installed by CovElec to the clients specification and requirement to fill baking trays with oats and syrup at a rate of 450 trays per hour.

The system takes pre mixed ingredients, forms a layered sheet and deposits this into the baking trays. Each tray is weighed, checked against the recipes stored in the PLC with the weight from the flow-weigher used for upstream adjustments. Trays outside the correct weight are rejected.


Trays are transferred to a heated press plate, pressed, before being ejected from under the press plate for racking and baking.


The technical challenge was to ensure the system could take a variable dense mixture and layer with consistency. Technical issues continued with depositing the mixture into the baking trays before weighing and pressing. The press plate has linear encoders on the cylinders to ensure it presses evenly across the whole tray to a predetermined depth.


The system has been in operation since July 2015 currently producing 2650 trays per day. An upgraded layering line is currently being designed to complement this process line.

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