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At Covelec we are specialists in EX Hazardous Area motor repairs. Explosion-proof motors, referred to as Ex motors or ATEX motors, are a special type of motor designed to be used in hazardous environments where the risk of an explosion is higher.


An area is considered hazardous when there exists a potentially explosive mix of flammable gases, air or dust in a variety of combinations. These potentially dangerous environments can include; food production lines, waste water plants, agriculture & farming quarries & mines, production facilities or workshops that use spray paints. 


ATEX Rated Motor Specialists

We understand the considerable dangers when working and conducting repairs in hazardous area repair and overhaul of rotating electrical equipment. Our team have been trained and assessed by the AEMT (The Association of Electrical & Mechanical Trades). 

Therefore our customers can be assured that their ATEX Ex-rated equipment will be returned to them fully compliant with all regulations and will be safe to operate. 


Take a look at our ATEX guide

Atex Certified Engineers

We can supply, repair and maintain all types of EX motors including:


  • Dust ignition proof  motor: dust entering a motor can cause damage and can potentially ignite. Dust ignition-proof motors have a high ingress protection rating, therefore they can prevent any dust from entering the motor.
  • Flameproof Ex d Motor:  Flameproof motors have flame paths built into their shaft and inner bearing covers, joints with long spigots to prevent the flames from escaping. They are also encased with a motor housing developed to withstand internal explosions.
  • Increased safety Ex ec & Ex eb motors: These have been referred to in the past as ‘non-sparking’ motors. These motors do not spark during normal operation or on start up. 

Complete ATEX Motor Services 24/7

Our team of expert engineers are here to support your business 24 hours a day. We provide a complete service from removal, installation and maintenance of your ATEX motor. 


Covelec have facilities to repair & rebuild motors, gearboxes, pumps and fans of all sizes and provide an unrivalled service to a large range of industries across the Midlands, and often at very short notice.