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Fully equipped inhouse CNC machining service

CNC Machining

CovElec offers in-house machining and fabrication services to carry out refurbishments on worn parts or manufacture new components where required.

We have multiple CNC machines allowing us to  manufacture to order. This can be one-off specials or batch runs of 1,000+ components. 

As part of our fully equipped workshop, we can remanufacture replacement obsolete or bespoke parts to exact OEM standards for all types of rotating mechanical equipment, including; Motors, Gearboxes, Fans, Pumps, Generators

All remanufactured items are provided with a 12 month guarantee

Precision CNC Machining

Using state of the art CAD software, which includes the Solidworks package, our skilled engineers ensure that OEM specification designs are used to remanufacture components. CAD also ensures accuracy of design in the development of bespoke parts and engineering equipment.

We are able to manufacture the most complex shapes and design with exact precision. All parts are machined to precise tolerances, typically down to +/- 0.025mm, which is a closer and more exacting tolerance than the industry standard. This level of attention and skill ensures the required accuracy and seamless integration of all machined parts. All CAD drawings are kept on record for future use to save critical downtime for urgent jobs. 

CNC Manufacturing Service – 24/7 365 Days a Year 

To ensure minimal downtime and to get you back up and running as quickly as possible we offer a 24 hour, 365 days a year CNC machining service.

 Often on our onsite CNC machining service is faster than ordering an OEM-supplied replacement and can be more cost effective than ordering an original replacement part. Save time and money while matching or exceeding the exact same quality by using our CNC manufacturing service. 

CNC Machined Components 

We are able to machine a wide variety of materials in virtually any quantity. We machine with Mild Steel (EN8, EN16T, EN24, EN32),  Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Bronze, Brass, as well as a variety of Plastics including Acetal, Nylon, PTFE, PEEK and others. We’re also able to work with wider materials on request.

As our CNC machines enable high throughput, we’re able to manufacture items in large quantities with a fast turnaround, as well as single unit orders.

CNC Capabilities:

CNC Machine Tools:

As part of the Rotamec group we also have access to additional CNC Lathes and Mills.