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By choosing CovElec as your motor supplier, you gain the advantage of having options that suit your needs perfectly. Whether you require a like-for-like replacement or an upgrade for enhanced efficiency, we offer the flexibility to accommodate your preferences. Our commitment to providing tailored solutions ensures that you can make the best choice for your specific requirements, allowing you to optimise your operations and achieve greater productivity.


With CovElec’s unbiased approach to repair or replacement, backed by extensive experience and expertise in motors, you can rest assured of receiving a lasting solution rather than just a temporary fix. Instead, you benefit from the most cost-effective, efficient, and comprehensive long-term solution for your needs. With CovElec, you can trust that your motor challenges will be addressed with a forward-thinking approach that considers both short-term fixes and sustainable, lasting results.

Electric Motor Repairs

CovElec offers comprehensive motor repair services, providing reliable and efficient solutions for a wide range of motor types and applications. Our engineers are well-versed in diagnosing common motor problems, including electrical faults, mechanical failures, bearing issues, and wiring malfunctions.