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National Apprenticeship Week 2024

Celebrating T-Level Students at CovElec and Leicester College

Empowering Future Engineers: The CovElec Apprenticeship Experience

National Apprenticeship Week is a time to celebrate and spotlight the vital role apprenticeships play in shaping the future workforce. At CovElec, in partnership with Leicester College, we are proud to foster a learning environment where T-Level students can thrive. Today, we share insights from our apprentices, focusing on how CovElec has supported their growth and prepared them for a successful career in engineering.

The CovElec Learning Experience

Our T-Level students, Abdi, and Jack are currently on their engineering journey at CovElec. They receive a balanced mix of education at the College and real-world experience in gaining a deep understanding of engineering at our Leicester workshop.

Abdi’s Path to Confidence and Versatility

Abdi has been with us for 4 months working with various experienced engineers in the workshop which has broadened his understanding of different engineering functions. His confidence has grown significantly, particularly in identifying and explaining customer issues and solutions. He aspires to deepen his knowledge in electric motors and mechanical fitting, showcasing his eagerness to tackle complex challenges. Abdi’s goal is to become an asset within the business and be able to cover multiple areas.

Jack’s Ascent to Leadership 

Since joining CovElec in May 2023, Jack has made remarkable progress under the mentorship of senior machinist Steve. His dedication, evidenced by his willingness to work through the summer, has accelerated his learning curve. Jack’s effective communication skills, coupled with his recent recognition as a nominee for the AEMT Rising Star Award, have boosted his confidence. With a clear goal of reaching management level, Jack’s journey is a testament to the power of hard work and focused ambition.

Key Learnings and Personal Growth

Both Abdi and Jack reflect on the critical skills and personal development they’ve gained. Their experiences underscore the importance of effective communication, problem-solving, and adaptability. They’ve also learned the value of setting achievable targets and working towards them, a skill vital both in and outside the workplace.

Advice for Future Apprentices

Our apprentices offer sage advice for those considering this path. Jack encourages focusing and putting your mind to the experience, “Put your mind to it and focus, and if you do that, you’ll get the most out of an amazing experience”, while Abdi suggests taking it slow and steady to ensure deeper, long-term understanding, “Walk before you can run and learn at your own pace, as it will help you learn more in the long term”. Their guidance is invaluable for future apprentices embarking on their journey.


The CovElec Difference

CovElec’s partnership with Leicester College brings together theoretical knowledge and practical application, offering students the best platform to flourish in their chosen careers. This blend of learning creates a robust foundation for our apprentices, equipping them with “Skills for Life” that go beyond the workshop.


As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we at CovElec and Leicester College are proud of our students Abdi and Jack. Their stories of dedication, growth, and aspiration are inspiring and showcase the profound impact of our apprenticeship and T-Level program. We remain committed to nurturing the next generation of engineering talent, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.


At CovElec, we believe in the power of apprenticeships to transform lives and careers. Our commitment to providing a balanced learning experience ensures our apprentices are not just skilled engineers but well-rounded individuals ready to make a significant impact in the world of engineering.