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CovElec’s Expert Gearbox Overhaul Saves Manufacturer from Downtime Disaster

 CovElec was contacted to overhaul a Brevini gearbox for a customer in the manufacturing industry. The gearbox was exhibiting signs of wear and tear, leading to reduced performance and efficiency. The customer was experiencing production downtime due to the gearbox failure, which was impacting their operations and bottom line.

The gearbox in question is a planetary gearbox, which weighs 8.5 tonnes, requiring CovElec to utilise their 12-tonne lifting capacity within the workshop to handle the gearbox with ease.

Step 1: Stripping and Diagnosis

Upon inspection, it was evident that the gearbox required a complete overhaul. The first step in the process was to strip the gearbox down and separate the parts. This allowed the CovElec team to diagnose the problem and establish the scope of work required. The stripping process took one week. After a thorough assessment, it was determined that the bearings were the main source of the problem.

Step 2: Bearing Replacement

With the gearbox stripped down, the engineers removed the old bearings, checked all bearing journals and housings visually and then measured and checked for tolerance, once all checks were complete the bearings were replaced with new ones.

Step 3: Housing Refitting

Once the bearings were fitted, the team refitted the housing bores and replaced the seal bores, seals, and o-rings as standard. They then machined new steel sleeves for the gear fittings, ensuring that they were the exact right size to prevent any mechanical faults.

Step 4: Reconnecting the Gears and Drive Shaft

After fitting all the bearings, bores, seals, and o-rings, the CovElec team reconnected the gears and drive shaft. They then reconnected the outer housing and cleaned and prepped the gearbox for the final rebuild.

Step 5: Final Rebuild

The final step in the overhaul process was to rebuild the gearbox and conduct a thorough test to ensure it was operating correctly. This process took 10 days, as each part was carefully inspected and replaced or repaired where necessary. The team made sure to follow all the required specifications and procedures during the rebuilding process to ensure the gearbox was restored to its optimal performance.

Thanks to CovElec’s expertise and attention to detail, the Brevini gearbox was overhauled successfully and was restored to peak performance. The customer was pleased with the high-quality service and CovElec’s commitment to quality and precision ensuring the equipment was back up and running efficiently, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity.

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